David john miller  

  Bass guitarist, Vocalist & Piano Tuner
    As a young fellow I loved to sing. I really dug Tennessee Ernie Ford.
When I was twelve years old I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I have been hooked on music since that evening. 
    Although I originally began studying piano and drums, I was drawn to Paul McCartney’s bass lines. I learned bass guitar parts from “Meet the Beatles” on my Father’s 4 string Tenor Banjo. It somehow dawned on me that I could  tune the thing to the lowest 4 strings of the guitar. This made the lines much easier to play and I was off and running. About a year later I was able to swing a Kay Bass guitar and a Silvertone Bassamp at the local Montgomery Wards store in Menlo Park NJ.
    The Moving On page is my Bio as narrative.
    The Za Zu Zaz page is a memoir of that time.
    Music Art is Music Art.
    Photo Art is Photo Art.
    The Piano Tuner page is “The Adventures of Dave Miller, Piano Tuner” 

    I’m still working on this site so, if you don’t see all of the info that you thought you’d find well...... check back! I’m typing as fast as I can!
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